Thursday, 3 October 2019

Tips to reduce belly fat. Abdominal fat is growing, really bad. Learn and learning, lal

Tips to reduce belly fat.
 Abdominal fat is growing, really bad.  It is really bad if the fat in the stomach increases or the stomach gets bigger.
 A little different from other problems is stomach upset.

 Today's tips ,,,,,, abdominal fat or whey.
 Controlling the diet, doing regular walks, also losing weight a little, but the stomach does not budge.  Many complain.  Many have stomach problems.  Abdominal fat or fat is different and more harmful than other body fat.

 Fat in other parts of the body is usually found on the skin or under the skin.  But abdominal fat sticks under the skin as well as the liver, kidneys and other internal organs.  Therefore, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other problems have a strong association with abdominal fat (or fat).

 Many people use the Daily (Rose) stroke to reduce abdominal fat.  Many people think that abdominal fat is not reduced to normal exercise.  This will require separate exercises.  But although the shape of the abdominal muscles is beautiful in different exercises, reducing fat does not help much.  Exercise in the body to reduce belly fat or exercise and healthy eating is enough.

 Aerobic exercise four hours a week will reduce abdominal fat along with other body fat.

 Examples ,,,,,
                  Jogging, treadmills, cycling etc. are such exercises.  Someone who wants to break the belly fat may need a little more exercise.  After 5 to 5 minutes of light jogging or walking, the fat stored in the body begins to break down.  After that, jogging for another 5 to 5 minutes or walking out loud will reduce the amount of fat daily.

 In addition, it is necessary to abstain from fatty and oily foods and to consume large quantities of fats and vegetables.  Have to eat moderately.  Common ways of reducing fat every day are to reduce the amount of fat in the stomach along with the other parts of the body.  It does not require separate exercises.

 These were the tips today, to reduce belly fat.  By controlling just a few foods, you can reduce your belly fat or fat.  You must eat less before going to bed at night.  Do not fall asleep after eating.  After half an hour of eating you will go to sleep.  These were the tips today, with the stomach.

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Friday, 27 September 2019

Pomegranate virtue, You will be surprised to know how much pomegranate is rich in vitamins and vitamins.learn and learning,lal

Pomegranate virtue,

 You will be surprised to know how much pomegranate is rich in vitamins and vitamins.
10 times the amount of pomegranate you may not know.

 There are many benefits to pomegranate fruit inside.  Although pomegranate fruit is very expensive, many do not want to eat pomegranate.  However, regular pomegranate benefits the body greatly.

  Here are some of the benefits of pomegranate.  Bright Side said in a report.

 ১.  The nutritional value of pomegranate
 Pomegranates contain a lot of nutrients.  Only one cup of pomegranate contains 30% percent vitamin C, 36 percent percent vitamin K, 16 percent percent vitamin B- 9/12 percent percent potassium.

 2.  Pomegranate lowers blood pressure-
 Pomegranate helps reduce blood pressure.  If you suffer from hypertension, your blood pressure will return to normal within just two weeks of consuming pomegranate regularly.

 ৩.  Relieving pain in arthritis and bone joints,
 Pomegranate benefits arthritis.  It also helps relieve pain at the joints of the bone.

 ৪.  Pomegranate - Reduces the risk of heart disease,

 Pomegranate reduces the risk of cholesterol in the body.  It increases blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease.

 ৫.  Increases memory, this pomegranate fruit,
 Pomegranate helps to increase memory.  And that is why it is also useful for patients with Alzheimer's.

 ৬.  Increase in hemoglobin
 Pomegranate contains many nutrients, which increase the hemoglobin levels in the body.  It plays a role in alleviating anemia and blood problems.

 ৭.  Natural insulin
 Pomegranate is useful for diabetes.  Many say it is an alternative to insulin.  Although pomegranate is sweet, diabetes patients usually do not have any problems.

 ৮.  Cancer resistant,
 Pomegranate has several benefits, including its ability to prevent cancer.  Studies have shown its role, especially in breast cancer prevention.

 3.Dalim has the ability to withstand bacteria

 Pomegranates develop resistance to bacterial infections in the body.  It also plays a role in the fight against fungal infections.

 ১০.  Increase the efficiency of physical exercises
 Many people do physical exercises to stay healthy or perform well.  Experts say that eating pomegranate in addition to exercise helps improve performance.
 These are today's tips, 10 comments about pomegranate murmuring.
 And pomegranate fruit is also very nice to eat.  The fruit looks round and red like apples.

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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Water circulation or water vacuum. Diseases that enter the body when the water is falling? Diseases that are caused by lack of water in the human body? Learn and learning,lal

Water circulation or water vacuum.
 Diseases that enter the body when the water is falling?  Diseases that are caused by lack of water in the human body?

 What are the symptoms and ?
 Drink at least three to four liters of water daily (for adults) to prevent dehydration.
 Every cell, organ and organ of the body is dependent on water.  Without water, a human being may survive only a few days.  Water keeps the skin good, helps digestion, balances the fluid in the body.  Besides, there are many types of work in the water.

 And so, problems arise when there is a lack of water in the body.  Signs of anesthesia in the body and ways of preventing it health,
 ১.  Headache
 Lack of water in the body can cause headache.  Dehydration reduces oxygen and blood flow to the brain.  And it causes headaches.
 2.  Lack of attention
 Human brains are made up of 3 percent water.  So if water shortages affect mosquitoes.  Deficiency affects memory, mood and decision making.
 ৩.  Smells on the face
 If the water is empty, it can smell bad.  When the water is deficient, the body produces less saliva.  Because of this, the bacteria in the mouth is more made up and smells bad on the face.
 ৪.  Constipation ,,
 Water, helps to get better in the closet and reduce constipation.  If there is anemia, then the risk of constipation, heartburn and digestion problem increases.
 ৫.  Changes in color in urine,
 Proper urination means that there is enough water in the body.  If the color of the urine is dark yellow, then there is a deficiency of water in the body.
 1 ,,, laziness ,,
 Feeling suddenly exhausted or tired.  Drink water  Depression is but one of the symptoms of water deficiency in the body.

 Resistance ,,,,,,,
 ১.  Drink at least three to four liters of water a day.
 2.  Wake up in the morning on an empty stomach.  This will work to reduce many problems.
 ৩.  Always keep water bottles in the bag.
 ৪.  Keep water and vegetables and fruits in the diet.  Such as: watermelon, cucumber, tomato, macaroni, etc.
 ৫.  However, kidney patients will drink water at the doctor's advice.

 These were the tips today.
 Explain the rotation or vacuum of water.  I hope you understand.
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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Power_shock Power cables have to be played with shock.learn and learning.


 Power cables have to be played with shock.
 2.  If a person is shocked by the lightning wire, be careful to remove the person with sandal legs, dry bamboo or wood.  Do not go directly to him (shocked person) while being electrified.  Otherwise, you will also be in danger.

 2.  Quickly lay her on the ground (without the pillow), open her clothes (as much as possible) and lie on the ground.  The excess electricity will go to the ground.

 2.  Check if there is any dirt in the mouth, nose, spit in the mouth, or the tongue is turned upside down.  If you have a damp cloth close to your hand, clean it with a cloth, and when the tongue is upside down, insert your finger in the mouth and straighten it.  Then press the two jaws between the jaws to keep the mouth open while the mouth is open, (Artificial Bridging, Mouth to Mouth).

 If you have electricity,
 2.  At the same time, the left hand (where the heart is) in the middle of the chest with the heel of the palm of the hand, forcing a little blow (blow) day.  Then keep pressing on the right hand or with your hand in a 1-2-3 .... 1-3-3.  It has to be done 12 times a minute.  That is, the clockwork tick is little more than a tick.

 2.  Do the 3 and 5 procedures for 1/4 minute.  , Heart sounds (if possible), watch breathing.  If it comes back, stop.  If you do not return, repeat the procedure again.

 2.  Hand, foot, the body can make light messages.

 2.  If all goes well then Hartsol Saline 1000 ml can be given 1/4 boil per minute.  If you can eat water, saline, milk, dab water, eat it.

 Stay safe, stay healthy.
 And be careful, these dots are very useful when playing electric shock.
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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Husband_woman_ blood_group _What_Why_Why? Most couples want to know what is wrong with the blood group of the husband and wife. If the blood group is the same or the child is having a congenital problem?

Husband_woman_ blood_group
 Most couples want to know what is wrong with the blood group of the husband and wife.  If the blood group is the same or the child is having a congenital problem?

 # Blood_groups:
 Learn about blood groups first.  Mainly two parts of the blood group.  One is the ABO method (A, B, AB and O) and the other is the RH factor (RH positive and Rh negative).  This race factor determines whether the blood group will be positive or negative.

 # Blood_groups_ hello: ---
 A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative, AB positive, AB negative, O positive and O negative.

 # Blood_consumption_consciousness: ---
 When a person in a negative group is given a positive group blood, this is usually not the first time.  However, an antibody is made in the patient's body against it.  As a result, if the patient takes blood again in the positive group, his blood cells begin to break down.  This can lead to severe physical problems, starting with tremors, fever or kidney ache.  Even death can happen.  This problem is called ABO incompatibility in medicine.

 Husband_woman_ blood_group: -
 If the blood group of the husband is positive, then the wife must be positive.  And if the blood group of the husband is negative then the wife's positive or negative will be either.  However, if the husband's group is positive, the blood of the wife should not be negative.  In this case, if the wife's group is negative then many problems can be avoided if her husband's blood group is negative.

 Positive (+) Positive (+) healthy children
 Negative (-) Negative (-) healthy child
 Negative (-) positive (+) healthy children
 Positive (+) Negative (-) first child is healthy, second to problem

 There is no problem if the blood group of the spouse is mixed.  However, if the wife is negative and the husband is positive, then a gene called 'Leithan Gene' or 'Maran Jinn' is created, which subsequently prevents the formation of zygote or kills the zygote.  In that case, the dead child may be born.  The baby may be born.  Also, when the mother of a negative group has a positive fetus, there will usually be no problem in the first baby.  But during delivery, the blood of the positive embryo will penetrate the placenta (fetal) barrier and enter the mother's body.  The blood that enters the mother's body during delivery will produce Rh antibodies within the mother's body within a few months of delivery.

 nh9887 When the mother carries a second child, if her fetal bloodgroup is positive again, the antibody that was previously formed in the mother's body will break the placenta barrier and enter the baby's body.  And when it enters the body of the fetus, the red blood cells of the fetus will break down the connective cells.  This problem is called RH incompatibility in medical education.

 Many problems can be avoided if you have never had an operation before.  Just be aware.  If the husband's bloodgroup is positive, the baby's bloodgroup should be examined immediately after the baby is born.  If you are negative like a mother, then you don't need to do anything.  And if positive, you should take an anti-D injection within 12 hours of delivery.  Find out more and consult a specialist doctor before having a baby.

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_______ throughout the episode without drugs In order to stay healthy, it is important to follow the right rules.

_______ throughout the episode without drugs

 In order to stay healthy, it is important to follow the right rules.

 __ If you have to take medicine, you need to change your diet, but if you want to change your diet, and if you want to follow some rules, many diseases are available.

 Various fruits, spices have various diseases that reduce their resistance, these fruits and spices should be avoided.

 Come on, Amalkee ,,,

 , There is plenty in the realm

 Amount of Vitamin C,

 These acidic fruits, which enhance the body's antioxidant function,

 Some of the fruit of the Amalki fruit, ,,,

 Keeping hair healthy lowers cholesterol levels Increases immunity.

 __America works against heart disease and cancer.

 It is a popular fruit that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine.


 Aloebira enhances skin brightness, prevents black spots.

 Not only does it cure skin wounds, there are more.  It has antioxidant and anti-bacterial ingredients.  Blood pressure control works.  This is called Indian Support.

 Yellow ,,

 Raw yellow helps someone to prevent heart disease.  It is also used as painkillers and wounds.

 Tulip leaves,

 Avoid asthma or asthma after eating two to three basil leaves with honey. These pills should be adhered to.

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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Wellness Tips? How to keep the body healthy? What or which foods will help you stay healthy?

Wellness Tips?  How to keep the body healthy?
  What or which foods will help you stay healthy?  By eating any foods daily, you can stay healthy.

  1- Eating an apple a day does not require any doctor.  Apple has a lot of vitamins.

 2 - Eat five nuts (carrots) daily, no cancer risk.

 3- Eat a lemon (lemon) daily, no fat in the body.

 4- Do yoga or prayer five times a day, the mind will be good, and the mind will not be excited.

 5- Drink a glass of milk daily, and there will be no problem.

 6- Drink 12 glasses of water daily, there will be no problem in the body.

 7- There will be no weakness in the daily four dates palm.  The weak spirit of the body will be cut off.

 And lastly, I will say that you will eat food, chew foods.  And do not eat water immediately after eating.  Drink water 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after eating.  Then the food will be good to digest.  These were our health tips today.