Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Amadar sarir ki bhaba Bhalo thakba,/learn and learning/lal/how keep the body/fit body/happy body/

How keep the body
How make the body repring
               Learn and learning

Awesome Tips:
1. It would be better to apply itching to the pimples of the skin of the skin and half an hour before the raw yellow bed.
2. Eat twice a day in the blood of the fig tree.
3. If there is a pain in the top of the tooth, put a little yellow on the affected area.
4. If you have a scar on a tooth or a toothache, you can get rid of jam bite and grind your teeth.
5. If it is boiled, it becomes like a tough dough for a long time. Keep the long stems of leaf spinach and sticks on the boil. It will be boiled.

6. If you get strained, you can get relief in the pain of the gallbladder leaves and the roots of the bark.
7. Lip on both sides and inside of the mouth is very much like dizziness. A few days after gobbing fruit juice mixed with a little water, the face washed away.
8. Stomach mint leaves are good for stomach after 7/8 hours after drinking water.
9. Many people have sweat odor. Bale leaves are mixed with water and it reduces.
10. If you have a headache, keep the blacksmith in a potty and keep drying; Pain will be removed.

11. If cough leaves cinnamon, one cardamom, two teaspoons, 2 cloves and little sugar, stir it in water; Coughing will be good when playing with this water in light hot conditions.
12. Pain in the chest pain is relieved in chest pain.
13. Yogurt works as a very good antacids. Take a few spoons as soon as acidity problems begin.
14. If the thorns are stuck in the throat, take half of the lemon juice and roast it; Thorns will become soft.
15. Cut a piece of white paper in a cut area while cutting the knife. Blood will be closed.
16. To reduce the shortness of breath, you can cook bark leaves and bark together and mix honey with honey.
17. Wash your face twice a day with camphor gully with water or face white wheezing.

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                         Learn and learning

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