Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Ha alla/ha nobi/ learn and learning/lal/Shea's please

I started with you !! The whole article is about
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❂ Once a person

Reading the text.

Suddenly he called the person

Get up,



Then he's writing


Started to read towards

He said, "Alhamdulillah" |

He started to read again


And said,

"La ilaha ill-Allah Muhammad Rasulullah

. "ﷺ


He feels very good

Started doing

And said, "Allah

Akbar "


Then she's her

Own sin

Get rid of them

Get to say,



And finally he

His favorite

Prophet Muhammad

Durood on it




Sayyidina Muhammad Wala A-Lee


Maulana Muhammad. "


➽ Above

She works by doing so

A lot of reward

Earns. You are

Do you know that

Who is the person

↓↓ ↓↓ that person

That's it

You yourself

Mashaa Allah

➽ We are good people

I achieved,

Let's do the writing

Max Share

Good luck to everyone

Way to achieve

Do it

The prayers of the children of Adam who heard Azan

He will not read, on the Day of Resurrection, his ear is hot

Shisha will be poured. Many of us can send love sms forward, see this sms you
How many people forward


                        Learn and learning

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