Saturday, 19 January 2019

How can you keep your liver and kidneys free of cost at no cost?

  How can you keep your liver and kidneys free of cost at no cost? ....

How our heart is healthy and how good the kidneys are
Today you have got a new tips from Niwas
         Today, let me tell you how to keep both the head and kidneys good.

           What is worse is the heart.
                Why the heart is bad

We all know that the hard side of our chest is left. It is made up of a small blood vessel, all blood circulation from here. But we know every time he hits him.

      So we were coming out and how good our heart and liver would be and stay healthy

1- We never look at the hardest of our chests.
2 - We always keep our minds moving towards our own body.
3 - We forget that our body, which helps us, has to be cautious.
4 - If you keep the bone good, you always have a happy mind.
5-- Never mind if you are going to be sad, everyone should be laughing with the sunshine.
6 - It is like eating green food like vegetables.
7- Vegetable curry leaves, leafy vegetables, jaggery, Brahmin spinach, etc.
8 - We never thought that our heartbeats can be damaged or damaged. We put extra pressure on the excretion and thought over and thought of kidney damage.

       What is bad for kidneys?

1-number one reason is that we never eat in time.
Two-two reasons are because we have a kidney-shaped Padma that we waste by eating bad food.
3- We drink water after eating rice,
4- We eat any food without smiling in the mouth.
Eat water with 5-hour meal, which should never be done.
6-After eating any meal, after 15 to 20 minutes, after commissamate to eat water.
7- To eat any food, it is better to chew in the mouth or to smile, the food that comes in the mouth of the tongue that is in the mouth of the tongue, it will be mixed with the food and eat it.
8- And most importantly, to keep the liver right, you eat any protein containing the food well, then eat it in the mouth and then eat, and after 15 minutes of eating you will drink water.

So friends were today's tips. How can you keep your liver and kidneys free of cost at no cost?

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