Friday, 25 January 2019

How this love/a love moment/learn and learning/a love stori/fresh mind/

Do not you get angry
Do not hear that you're angry
If you are angry that I will not live
Do not be angry
Many nights have been sleeping now
Good night ,,,,,,
Good morning ,,,,,
          I gave you one
           Do not get angry
I'll buy chocolate
Do not get angry
Tomorrow, ,,,, today means, ,,,,
I will talk, with me,

If you do not talk to yourself, you feel alone.
It seems like I can not live a moment.
And if you do not talk to me for a moment, I feel like mad. Look at where you look. Without this you feel that this life is empty. I have become completely addicted to your relationship. Without life you feel that the whole world is empty.
   What is it like to love?
   Its the name of love.
    Little love of eyes turned out to be. It takes all the money and money resources to love.
Please do not tell me, please tell me if love is such a tie, all these things need to be loved. You're not talking to me, my book is being burnt to ashes. Do not tell me, are you angry? If you do not talk to me then I will not live.

            I heat you crazy. I heat you/I heat you

Love is not the same and this is a game

If a genuine love is found then Shari's mind is all good. This was the tip of the day today. Share and comment if you like it.
                              Thank you
                   Learn and learning

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