Sunday, 20 January 2019

What happens to playing eggs each day/dim kheala apni ki ki aupokar paben /dim kheala ki Hoi /egg/unda

What happens to playing eggs each day

What are the benefits of eating eggs in the flute stomach every morning?

Many doctors say that eating eggs or increasing weight. But not every day you lose your weight while playing eggs.
If you play a boiled egg in the morning, your stomach will be filled with plenty. Reduce your lot of hunger.
Many people think that eating eggs increases the belly fat but it is also wrong.

So let's know the benefits of egg.
A small egg is filled with thousands of benefits.

1- Vitamin helps to convert the other foods you eat into energy.
Vitamin A in 2-egg, which improves eyesight. And also helps reduce cataracts.
3- Vitamin D which helps reduce muscle pain.
4- Vitamin E It destroys free radicals produced in cells and skin. And prevent skin cancer.

5- Eating 1 egg on breakfast will reduce your hunger all day. Its great quality is reducing your weight.
6- Iron, zinc, phosphorus in the egg. Many times the body is tired of seeing it quickly. The iron contained in the team fills the surface of this egg.
7. Increase the immunity of the body by playing eggs every day.

8- Protein needs at least 50 g of human body every day. An egg contains 70 to 80 calories = 6.5 grams of protein. So you can eat eggs every day to keep body fit.
9, An examination shows that if the eggs are eaten by 6 a day, the chance of a heart attack is less likely.
10, Do not let the blood clot in the heart after playing regular eggs.

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