Sunday, 3 February 2019

A love story/the real love story/ learn and learning/lal/berry sad

A love story/ real love story/

I used to write the name of the hand and burned my hand to you.
My father's house was bell's house and my mother's scent was very long.

I used to digest the neighbors every day and digested.
Sister's money was stolen from the bank and bought a gift on your birthday. Knowing the rain in the rainy season, I hope the whole monsoon season.
Touchfone Chalabi to complete the happiness, the student blood and sold the truth.
Engineer boy is your choice, I want to become a deterrent, that's it.

And you are now the wife of another's house.
Now you see a smile.
And if you look at your son-in-law then more 😁😁 Sudip
I know you'll regret and 😁

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