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Eyes problem? How to solve eye problems? Keep eyes good and do not let eye / learn and learning/lal/eye

Eyes problem?
 How to solve eye problems?
 Keep   good and do not let eye problems in the future.  The eyes are lost because of us.

 To keep the eyes well, we have to choose some of our food items regularly.  If you have good eyesight, then you will have some eye-to-eye exercises.  If you keep eyes good, you must stay away from some technology.  If you keep your eyes healthy, you will have to sleep in time.

 To keep the eyes good, the foods that are needed.  First thing to say about some food.

 1_ Keeping vegetables + carrots have a lot of vitamins A and C.
 2. Amalkki, the flute can eat in the stomach in the morning.
 3_Eggs + Fish oils are available in plenty of these vitamins.
 4_sim + + + + + + + + Tomato + Grapes + Pumpkin + Garlic + Sugar juice etc. if you want to keep the eyes good, you can eat these foods every day.

 Let's say eye exercises,
 If you have eyes, you have to make eye bands.

 1. Slowly massage the two corners of the watch.  Massage around both sides of the nose and on the right, on the right.
 2- Keep the eyes well, massively massage the eyes and down.  Two eyes up and down  Storing this way will make you feel better in your eyes.  Massage every eye 30 seconds.
 3_ Keep the eyes well, keep your eyes closed for three seconds and keep it open for three seconds.  You have to do this for two minutes.
 4_ This exercise is a key role in keeping eyes well.  The eye will rotate well.  Above-down, not below from above.  Goal rounds all the sites  The area will rotate as much as possible.

 Now this is about technology.  If you want to keep eyes good - stay away from mobile phones, TVs, computers.
 1_A large amount of mobile phones are not handled.  It may cause  problems.
 2- Do not see TV in excess quantity.  There can be eye problems at all.

 3_ If you do not sit in front of the computer in extra time you may have problems with your eyes.

 Way ,,,,,

 If you are sitting in front of the computer all day  Then you can wash your eyes after an hour.  You will get enough energy back in your eyes for at least one hour.

 Those who use mobile regularly for a long time.  Tell those friends, after some time later, wash your face and see if there will be no problem.  Your eyes are good

 Do not use the phone before sleeping at night.  Do not use lights or TVs or mobile phones. It may damage your s early.
 And if you stay awake at night then you can have eye problems.  Read sleeping at 12-1 in the night.  It should stay at least 6 hours in the night.  Then your eyes will be healthy and healthy.
 This was our today's tips.  Follow these tips to make your eyes look good, your eyes will look good.  Eyes are a valuable resource.
 If you do not have eyes, then what do you come to the world?  So follow these socks to keep eyes healthy.

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