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Pyorrhea is a deadly disease, what to do if there is a pyorrhea

Pyorrhea is a deadly disease, what to do if there is pyorrhea

this is a mouth disease. Pyorrhea can be seen at any age; It's mostly mid Age can be seen.

Symptoms of pyorrhea:-

You can understand that by looking at them…

1.Dental meat swelling. 
2. Blood drops with teeth.
3.The odor bar from the mouth.
4.If more days the teeth begin to move.

Why is pyorrhea?

The disease is seen in the absence of vitamin C and calcium, Besides, if you don't brush properly can be a disease.
What to do if you have a pyorrheaFirst of all contact a good dentist, By sealing the teeth Take antibiotics for 7 days, Then you need to get the ceiling done again,
Again, take antibiotics 

for 7 days. Also, in warm water, mix well with salt and do gurgling, Vitamin C and calcium should be consumed for up to 6 months from when blood is stopped and meat is swollen. After 6 months, you will need to take ceiling and vitamin C again, And after 1 year we need to get the ceiling done again.

What can not be eaten when pyorrhea?
Don't eat anything like talk. Do not eat strong national food…..Do not brush for 7 days. After 15 days, a large amount of talk and calcium foods should be eaten.

But one thing to keep in mind is that After the .C .T of the tooth, the cap should be fitted so that the tooth becomes weak

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