Saturday, 7 September 2019

Anatomy. man anatomy

Today's topic is Anatomy,
 Anatomy is the bone of the human body.  Babies have 209 bones.  And the adult body is made up of 206 bones.  They are interconnected by condenses or ligaments and cartilage.  In the skeleton of the human body
  A number of important tasks, such as helping the body to regain its shape, provide protection by moving, and keeping our body active in daily life.

       The human skull and its bones-
        1, formed by the nucleus or cells.  2, Facial Bonus Fourteen made by Bone.
  The first bone of the human body is the name of the lonely and the second is the name of the bone
  Axis.  The vertigo column is the vertex of the body.  There are 33 bones here.  There are seven cervical bonuses, twelve bookworms, 5 lumber, five saccade fused bonuses and four cadial bonuses.
  The tallest bone in the foot is the femur, the tallest bone in the body, which is attached to the hip joint through the hipbone at the surface.

  Bone fractures are composed of tarsals metatarsal phalanges.  The hard bone on the back of the foot is called the tortillas bone.

  The Rip Cage is made up of 24 bones, which are equipped with 12 pairs.  These bones are divided into three stages.

  The tallest bunnies on the surface of the arm are the hysteresis.  These long bones, called radia and ulna, are located below the two arms.  The head of the ulna sister is convex, which rotates the carpal bones.  And connect the end of the sister to the lamp.

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