Thursday, 19 September 2019

Power_shock Power cables have to be played with shock.learn and learning.


 Power cables have to be played with shock.
 2.  If a person is shocked by the lightning wire, be careful to remove the person with sandal legs, dry bamboo or wood.  Do not go directly to him (shocked person) while being electrified.  Otherwise, you will also be in danger.

 2.  Quickly lay her on the ground (without the pillow), open her clothes (as much as possible) and lie on the ground.  The excess electricity will go to the ground.

 2.  Check if there is any dirt in the mouth, nose, spit in the mouth, or the tongue is turned upside down.  If you have a damp cloth close to your hand, clean it with a cloth, and when the tongue is upside down, insert your finger in the mouth and straighten it.  Then press the two jaws between the jaws to keep the mouth open while the mouth is open, (Artificial Bridging, Mouth to Mouth).

 If you have electricity,
 2.  At the same time, the left hand (where the heart is) in the middle of the chest with the heel of the palm of the hand, forcing a little blow (blow) day.  Then keep pressing on the right hand or with your hand in a 1-2-3 .... 1-3-3.  It has to be done 12 times a minute.  That is, the clockwork tick is little more than a tick.

 2.  Do the 3 and 5 procedures for 1/4 minute.  , Heart sounds (if possible), watch breathing.  If it comes back, stop.  If you do not return, repeat the procedure again.

 2.  Hand, foot, the body can make light messages.

 2.  If all goes well then Hartsol Saline 1000 ml can be given 1/4 boil per minute.  If you can eat water, saline, milk, dab water, eat it.

 Stay safe, stay healthy.
 And be careful, these dots are very useful when playing electric shock.
                            Learn and learning

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